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Our teachers

Our teachers hold a Bachelor or Arts, or higher, degree and a TEFL or  equivalent certificate. In addition, many of them speak two or three foreign languages.


Every few weeks, AFI conducts student surveys regarding our ESL program and our teachers. We carefully review the student surveys and comments and incorporate their valuable suggestions. Our students' expectations and needs greatly aid in the on-going improvement of our program.

The goals of our teaching faculty are

  • to provide academic opportunities for each student to achieve success in communicative and literary comprehension in English;

  • to provide resources to attract more students from around the world to study English and continue to provide services to ensure the viability of this institution;

  • to strive to continue to improve student performance through student involvement in classroom activities.

  • to offer instruction that is the most effective and efficient way to improve students' learning curve.

The many hundreds of ESL graduates who have come to study with us since 1995 are a testimony to the success of our faculty.

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