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F-1 Student Policies

AFI has minimum academic performance and attendance requirements.


Attendance: The student is considered to be on probation for "poor attendance," if the student's cumulative attendance falls below 80%. F-1 visa students will be terminated from SEVIS for "poor attendance".

GPA (Grade Point Average): A minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA must be maintained. Failure to maintain the minimum will put the student on academic probation. If the student's GPA for the session falls below 2.5 while on probation, the student may be suspended from the school for up to two sessions. For an F-1 visa student, the student will be terminated from SEVIS for "poor academic performance".


​Maximum Course Repeats: Students may repeat a course only twice. However, students may repeat the TOEFL iBT preparation class three times to refine their skills to be better prepared for higher education, or until they reach their desired TOEFL score.

​Class Time Missed: The courses are charged session by session. A student will not be given a credit or a refund due to late registration or any time missed. Additionally, no credit or a refund will be given for classes not held on the public holidays.

Classes Schedule: A F International does not guarantee registration to the classes offered due to the maximum number of students allowed by the school. The registration is based on first come first serve.

Cancellation of Classes: A F International reserves the right to cancel classes at short notice due to insufficient demand, and place the student in appropriate level courses, which may be fewer hours and/or different classes. F-1 students are not relieved from registration requirement as a full time student regardless of the reason.

Changing Classes: After the first 2 days of a session, the student may not change classes unless classes are cancelled due to low enrollment for the classes.

Skipping a Level: A student may skip a level if the student provides the minimum score requirement of an iBT TOEFL or an equivalent test provided by the school.

Absences due to Extenuating Circumstances: Regardless of the reason, a student who is absent will be marked absent. However, if the student has an official doctor's note, we will reconsider the student slated to be terminated for "poor attendance" instead.

Student Residency Policy: The period of stay is guaranteed only for the period booked. After the first initial booking, the student must pay the full amount in order to book, and the booking is done based on first serve.

Force Majeure: A F International is not liable in cases where A F International is unable to fulfill any services or obligations due to any extraordinary event such as a war, a fire, an act of government, an act of terrorism, a natural disaster, labor disputes and other events beyond the control of A F International.

​​Code of Student Conduct


A F International expects its members to observe traditional canons of scholarly discourse, academic behavior, and due process. Students, as well as faculty, are expected to exhibit the high level of personal integrity which society demands of professionals. A F International insists of the greatest degree of freedom of teaching, learning, and expression for all its members.


To encourage and maintain this atmosphere, AFI considers disruptive behavior unacceptable and will take action against any such behavior that occurs in class or on the school site.


Disruptive behavior:
  • Conduct that prevents other students from learning or from doing required homework

  • Words or actions that prevent the teacher from meeting the needs and goals of the class

  • Words or actions intended to hurt, harass or offend a teacher, student, or staff member.

  • Downloading any active-X controls or harmful files, or creating or modifying any of the computer files or programs of the school that would affect the computer system.

  •  Includes but is not limited to: 


1. Disrespect/ lack of courtesy displayed toward another student, instructor, or staff member. Even though American teachers tend to be more informal than in some other countries, it is still important to be courteous and respectful.


  • Threatening others verbally or physically (zero-tolerance policy)

  • Indifference, disrespect, or rudeness towards a fellow student, or AFI employees, whether overt or implied; 

  • Not completing assigned student work

  • Refusing to cooperate with teachers and other students in class work and outside assignments

  • Not bringing required textbook and materials to class

  • Sleeping in class

  • Smoking in restricted areas

  • Denying other students an equal opportunity to participate in class

  • Talking with other students about unrelated subjects during class time

  • Working on another class assignment during class activities

  • Using a cell phone in class (including talking, texting, email, or web browsing)

  • Refusal to sign the Enrollment Agreement


2. Being late to class–Repeatedly arriving late (includes returning late after breaks). Also, being 10 minutes late to class 3 times is counted as 1 day of absence.


3. Native language usage–Repeatedly speaking your native language during class is not allowed.


4. Use of alcohol or drugs–NO alcohol or drugs is allowed in our classrooms or on school property at any time.

Also, you must not arrive at school under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


5. Violence/ sexual offense–Any form of physical violence, threats, or sexual harassment will result in immediate

expulsion from the program.


6. Academic Dishonesty is unacceptable at AFI. Academic dishonesty may result in failing an assignment, failing a test, and/or failing a class. Repeated cheating and plagiarism may result in expulsion and loss of I-20 status.



  • Cheating on exams or possession of the official exams for AFI courses.

  • Copying another student’s work during a test or quiz.

  • Copying another student’s homework assignment.

  • Taking photos of exams by cell phone or any other means



  • Copying from the Internet without crediting the source.

  • Paraphrasing other people’s ideas, information, or writing without crediting the source.

  • Submitting a writing assignment written completely or in part by someone else.


Actions taken when students do not obey conduct policies:

  1. Expulsion – After repeat offenses, a student will be asked to leave the program and will lose I-20 status. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will be notified regarding all out-of-status conditions.

  2. Appointment with Program Director or academic advisor with specific consequences or actions taken.

  3. Private meeting with the teacher or advisor to review the conduct policy and receive a written warning.

  4. Verbal warning from an instructor or staff member, specifying the behavior and the consequences.


Complaint Procedure

If a complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the institution's procedure, "A student or any member of the public may file a complaint about this institution with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education by calling (888) 370-7589 or by completing a complaint form, which can be obtained on the bureau's Internet Web site,"


Policy on Human Rights

A F International brings together in common pursuit of its educational goals persons of many nations, races, and creeds. AFI is guided by the precepts that in no aspect of its programs shall there be differences in the treatment of persons because of race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, and any other classifications that deprive the person of consideration as an individual, and that equal opportunity and access to facilities shall be available to all.

These principles are expected to be observed in the internal policies and practices of AFI; specifically in the admission, housing, and education of students; in policies governing programs of extracurricular life and activities; and in the employment of faculty and staff personnel. AFI shall work cooperatively with the community in furthering these principles.

Record Keeping Policies

AFI keeps an electronic record of the student's personal information and transcript for up to five (5) years from the student's last day of attendance at AFI. We keep hard copies of the following: photocopies of applicable student information for up to three (3) years - and rosters and exams (midterms and finals) for up to a year. The student's record is accessible only to authorized personnel unless the student requests in writing for the release of his/her information to a person or an entity.

The student may access his/her record through LEARNBOOST with his/her user identification and password provided by the school. The student may challenge in writing the student's grade and/or attendance records that are less than thirty (30) days old from the date which the letter was submitted.

AFI will respond within 10 days to the request for correction. The student's grade and/or attendance record - 10 or fewer days old will be investigated relying on your instructor's recollection and the hard copies kept. Any disputed record more than 10 days old but less than 30 days old will be solely based on the hard copies kept by the school.

Refund Policies



The Student has the right to cancel the enrollment agreement and obtain a refund of charges paid through attendance on the first day of class, or the seventh (7th) day after enrollment, whichever is later. Cancellation occurs when the student gives written notice of cancellation to the Director, at the address of the School, shown on this agreement. The Student can also mail, hand deliver, fax or telegram the cancellation. The written notice of cancellation is effective when deposited in the mail, addressed to A F International, P.O. Box 6223, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359-6223. Refund will be made within 120 days of request.



If students withdraw from the course of instruction after the period allowed for cancellation and prior to having completed 60% of his/her program, the College will remit a refund, if applicable, less the registration fee not to exceed $100, within thirty (30) days following the withdrawal. Students are obligated to pay only for educational services rendered (including fees associated with those services), and for unreturned books, materials or equipment. Students will be charged tuition based on the number of session clock hours he/she attended, multiplied by the hourly tuition rate as shown on the student’s enrollment agreement. The amount the student has paid for tuition will be subtracted from the amount of tuition the student owes. Charges for unreturned books, materials, and equipment will be deducted from the amount of the refund. If the amount that the student has paid is more than the amount that the student owes for the time he/she attended, then a refund will be made within 90 days of the withdrawal. If the amount that the student owes is more than the amount that the student has already paid, then the student will have to make arrangements with the college to pay it. The exact amount of prorated refund will be based on the formula listed below. The following table provides the estimated amount of refund at each point of withdrawal:


Percent of Attendance   10   20   30   40   50   60

Tuition Refund                 90   80   70   60   50     0


Cancellation: For courses cancelled by the first day of a session, there will be a full refund for tuition paid.


Withdrawal: For courses withdrawn after the period allowed for cancellation, the tuition refund will be prorated on a weekly basis. Additionally, there will be a withdrawal fee of $200. There is no refund if withdrawn after 60% of instruction.


Minimum Registration Requirement: International students are required to attend at least two sessions (8 weeks) prior to requesting a transfer. Otherwise, there is an early transfer fee of $350.


Basis for Refund: The tuition refund is solely based on the money received by the school after all applicable fees owed to the school are deducted. Any money not paid, discounts or promotions, will no longer apply upon your withdrawal. The tuition charge will be based on the standard (full charge) published price.


Refund Example: A Non-CA Resident student registers for one session (4 weeks) of ESL 72 (18 hours per week or 72 hours of instruction), which costs $1,368.00. The student pays $1,368.00 for tuition and $75 for application fee. If the student completes two weeks, (36 hours of instruction) and withdraws from the program, the refund calculation will be as follows:

Tuition Amount Paid for 72 hours of Instruction: $1,368.00
36 hrs of Instruction attended:                          $   684.00

Amount refunded:                                            $  684.00

Recruiting Fees: A F International does not charge any recruiting fees.

Expulsion/Suspension: No refund will be given to a student expelled or suspended. Additionally, for an F-1 student, the student record will be terminated in SEVIS.

Unclaimed Balance: The school has the right to any unclaimed balance beyond 180 days from the last date of student's attendance or the scheduled start date if the student had never attended the school.

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