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Student Services

Academic, Immigration, and Personal Advising

We strive to maintain close communications with you, our students. You have access to faculty and administrative staff for academic, personal and immigration advising.

Your instructor will meet with you several times during a level to discuss your academic progress in teacher-student conferences. If you experience personal problems which require professional counseling, we will refer you to the appropriate agencies.

A F International offers visa services for international students and vouches for student status. A Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) or a Designated School Official (DSO) is available during school hours for assistance with visas, academic advising and recommendations pertaining to termination, all immigration rules and regulations.

Student Health Insurance

​It is A F International School policy that all international students have medical health insurance and evacuation/repatriation coverage. A F International defines International Students as any student who is not a permanent resident or US citizen.

It is the student's responsibility to comply with Federal regulations as they relate to health insurance.

F-1 students are required to have medical health insurance and evacuation/repatriation coverage each session they are registered. However, F-1 students and their dependents are strongly encouraged to maintain insurance coverage at all times.

Applications to several student health insurance agencies are available in the reception. 


On your first day at AFI, you will receive an orientation, take a placement test, register for classes, and purchase textbooks.

During the initial orientation, as well as during the session orientation given by your teacher at the beginning of every new session in the classroom, you will receive information regarding policies for students with an F-1 student visa, attendance requirements, obtaining AFI Student ID for identification and discount purposes, opening a bank account, means of using public transportation, and other safety tips that can be helpful living in the U.S.


The placement test which determines your level of English skills and the class that is most appropriate for you. We use various Cambridge Placement Tests designed to place English language students into homogenous ability levels. They cover four areas of the English language: listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and reading.

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